Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

RT4: Zoo's Closing Thoughts

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I've said this before, but road trips, like life, are unforgiving. You get one shot at a city, to make the most of it, and then you've moved on. Your mistakes and your successes are amplified. This was a pretty sedate road trip. I was more introspective than a good road trip partner should be, with long quiet stretches. Part of that was because I didn't really take that quiet time for myself in the weeks leading up to the trip. But Phaux was built with the emotional sense to let me be. Thank you, Phaux.

I've been to all the places we visited on our road trip ... this time we took a different path to get there. Even the drive to Whistler was repaved for our travels -- Fuck it, I'm sick of metaphor and aphorism. I can't even continue with that thought. Vomit.

The posts ... those events that reached some level of noteworthiness ... only tell part of the story ... these were my highlights:

I like your parts more than you like mine. The last time I was down this road ... I was in love. Who knew hairspray could provide so much amusement (read comments) Who knew I had worn those jeans for 7 days? Enjoy my awesome leather jacket .. it's yours now.

Phaux, thanks for being an awesome friend, for picking up the slack when I was letting it loose. Of any cohort (who I'm not going to have sex with) I could choose for a road trip, the mohawked sentographer is certainly the best. RT4 is in the books. Already looking forward to the Great Lakes.