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Road Trip Worthy: Bonita in Clinton Hill (Brooklyn)

food, on the roadMatt Hill1 Comment

On my way to see TV on the Radio last night, I dropped by Bonita at 338 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY for a little pre-show eats. Ho-lee yum.

I went for the gusto and the Michelada to drink. I won't reveal EVERYthing that's in it, but here is the gist: Ice, tabasco, lime and beer - with a salted rim. It is heaven, after you get over the shock of having ice and tabasco in your beer. As the waitress who indoctrinated me said, "it's an obsession that's hard to escape." 

For dinner, carnitas: pork shank confit, chile de arbol salsa. I was on the phone with DJ when I basted it with the topping my buddy behind the bar pointed at... what I didn't hear him say was, "watch out, gringo, this is fucking hot." So I barely tasted the first carnita and had to get off the phone and go tap the fire hydrant outside to put out the flames.

Wiping my brow, I tried some milder toppings and sank into caloric heaven Delicious - and illustrated (two missing)