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Hot Brown and Ready to...


I don't think we got a shot of the hotel's exterior, but yes, when we went to Louisville, we just HAD to stay at the Brown Hotel. Not just because it has an awesome bourbon bar, but because one of the most important sandwiches in American history was invented there. Yes, it's the Hot Brown, AKA the Louisville Hot Brown, or the Kentucky Hot Brown, or, as I'm trying to get it renamed, the Zoobroker. Of course, how can you not start lunch with a flight of bourbon ... Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace, and something else that I don't remember. That's what happens when you have 3 bourbons before lunch.

This is a shot of the bar.  The Brown Hotel itself, although a classic, is semi-mediocre, but the bar and the staff were wonderful.

And here it is, the Hot Brown.  The sandwich.   Mornay + Turkey + Bacon + Roasted Tomatoes + Parmesan + Texas Toast.   Foodgasm.