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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Night Shots: Whiskey, Girls, Beer and Girls

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It was only fitting since I've already covered LODO, it was more important to meet some of the people that work and party here.

TONS - I mean LOTS of nightlife photos after the break.

First off, meet Danielle. She likes mining.

And when not mining, is a stunning woman. (OK, she's still sexy when mining.)

She invited Zoo to mine.

And it was like a magical elixir:  

So he started other prospecting:

Which was taken so favorably that he was rewarded with some dances on the bar:

Meet Beth - her husband works here (he's on the left, and a damn cool guy). It took about two hours, but the gal with the best hair in Denver, a self-proclaimed pacifist, finally let one loose on him.

And it wasn't the last.

During a smoke break, we met two incredibly intelligent and sexy women:

And Zoo just doesn't know when to accept only a kiss...


Again demonstrated here:


All in all, this bar is downright fun.

Just watch out when they bring you the check...

Day Shots: Pool, Beer and Barmaids

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Zoo and I headed over to Tarantula Billiards for some beer and pool. Four games, and I won the most. Yeah! I have to say that Zoo is an excellent teacher and I COMPLETELY sucked at pool before. Now I am quite a bit better, and still haven't won by dropping the 8 ball, but I have skillfully blocked Zoo into a scratch on the 8 ball more than once. =D Our new favorite beer: 90 Shilling (and some Blue Moon in the Broncos glass):

More photos and grab-ass after the break.

Brandi shows us her Thursday tattoo. Apparently, it's an obscure band from New Jersey. I believe Zoo is pointing to where the wedding ring goes...

Danielle didn't know what was coming...

but certainly knew how to handle it. She's 21 - we checked - so it's legal for her to hit Zoo.

Zoo said he liked it and wanted one more...

Anyhoo, this is a fantastic billiards bar. Come play when you are here, but avoid table 16, it has a massive westward drift.