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Matt's Birthday: Shoot at Star Bar


37 is a prime number. It is the first irregular prime.

You should not try and figure out what the point of irregular primes might be.   It doesn't mean anything.

But Matt is irregular and prime, so 37 is a good age.

We celebrated the very beginning of Matt's birthday by Making Art.  That is, a photo shoot at Star Bar, where Britt makes her magic.

Here is a bit of Britt's Magic.


This is Ian.  One of our photo subjects.


This is the site of our shoot.  Ian has a large head.


These are all of our subjects!  Thanks everyone and happy birfday!


Indeed the road is open again

nevadaMatt HillComment

Duckface. There. I did it. Now that we got that out of the way, I promise you will never see it again. This is an act of irony. From JFK to SFO, then rubber met the road and now I sit in Reno, ready for another journey.

This time around it's in pursuit of art. One month of art.

Stay tuned for productivity on steroids. We aim to create.