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Carpe Diem; Contest Contest Contest!

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Surprise! We said we had a surprise: here it is!

We’ve had so much interest in people wanting to come along with us, we thought we’d help two lucky people make it happen.

Next spring, Spammer and I will be going on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, touching Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, and many points between.

You have two ways of joining the fun:

  • Enter and win our raffle. Raffle tickets cost $10. The winner will be picked at random on live TV. Well, youtube.
  • Apply to our Road-Trip apprentice program. Write us and tell us why you would make a great road tripper. We’re looking for some fairly specific qualities:
    • Can instigate creative havoc
    • Can operate a camera and/or video equipment
    • Is an effective wing-person.
    • Knows at least a little bit about blogging.
    • Has a Passion For Life
    • Can shoot pool without scratching the felt, at least most of the time.

Both winners will have round-trip airfare, hotels, and meals covered.  You buy your own tchotchkes.

We’ll be putting up a page where you can enter the raffle soon, but email us at if you’re interested in the mean time.   You can apply for the apprenticeship at anytime by emailing  Please keep your “Why I would make a great road tripper” essay under 2000 words.

Of course, you can enter both the raffle and the apprentice program.
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