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Road Trip: Makeover Edition

canadaMatt Hill3 Comments

Sometimes you just have to make a change. I've always wanted a mohawk. Zoo once had blonde hair. The results? fail


I handled all the voting. Zoo said my mohawk is called "the Blum."

Jasper is not a hopping town on a Monday night... I guess that's fortunate. If we go out to a bar looking like this, everyone might think we're a gay couple. Which we are not. Seriously.

Night Shots: Jasper, AB

canadaMatt HillComment

Tonight I braved the 19-degree (F) cold plus possibility for a bear mauling and broke out on my own to shoot some astral photography. day_04-5

Looked good in B/W, too.


Then the clouds rolled in and I tapped the brake lights a bit for local lighting. Hey, whatever it takes!


(apologies for the bad re-compression by Wordpress... the images are not icky like these show up...)