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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


The Walkmen at Twist and Shout

coloradoMatt HillComment

Zoo found out from a friendly barmaid to Paris that The Walkmen (one of my fav bands) was having a free'ish show at Twist and Shout records on Colfax here in Denver last night. Hell, yeah. They played for about 40 minutes and it was fucking awesome. Skyler Skjelset from Fleet Foxes was standing in for Peter Bauer, as his wife had just had a baby in NYC the day before. Great set full of stuff from the new album Heaven, plus many old fans.


Downtown Denver at Night on film

coloradoMatt HillComment

I finally got some of my black-and-white 4x5" images back. These are photographs of them, not scans. 4th of July from our balcony:


The following three are from Monday night down not he Platte River under Speen St and 15th St in Denver.


Matt's Birthday: Shoot at Star Bar


37 is a prime number. It is the first irregular prime.

You should not try and figure out what the point of irregular primes might be.   It doesn't mean anything.

But Matt is irregular and prime, so 37 is a good age.

We celebrated the very beginning of Matt's birthday by Making Art.  That is, a photo shoot at Star Bar, where Britt makes her magic.

Here is a bit of Britt's Magic.


This is Ian.  One of our photo subjects.


This is the site of our shoot.  Ian has a large head.


These are all of our subjects!  Thanks everyone and happy birfday!


Star Bar: Britt Redux

colorado, on the roadzoobrokerComment

I met Britt back in February.   She's saucy.  She's an incredible mixologist.   Her superpower is to get me to shut up with just a glance. I'm not going to lie. Getting a little intertwined whilst fixing the ceiling fan was a little ... something.  Too bad the fan blade clocked me in the head and knocked me out.


This is Britt's default gesture.