Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Lambert's Cafe - Home of the Throwed Rolls

missourizoobrokerComment I gotta say, we've got a nose for the good shit. Only yesterday our noses pointed us to the Sub Shop, and today, we pulled off the highway needing something to nosh on ... and we stumbled into Lambert's Cafe ... home of the "throwed rolls" ... when we walked in we knew we'd found a special place. Even though it's in the middle of nowhere, they were packed ... probably two hundred people, maybe more, were chewing down. Pretty simple southern cooking menu ... but before the meal starts, a kid chucks hot rolls at you from across the room. Then, after your meal comes, a few kids walk around handing out additional sides. This is a place where you want to have a big appetite.

We will warn you, though, there appears to be some serious lack of branches on the family trees of the patrons here. At one point, we were uncomfortable with splitting up lest they kidnapped us and used us for sperm drips to insemenate their womenfolk.

Food was generally okay, the rolls were really good, mac and tomatoes was tasty, the mashed potatoes had the right mix of butter, potatoes and gravy ... Robuchon would be proud.

Lots more pics after the break ...

Pin-Up Bowl, Part 2


We liked the good folks at Pin-up Bowl so much that we decided to go back after dinner at Blueberry Hill ... I need a cigarette, so I'll keep it quick: the crew was cool, except for the Ginger, who practically laid me out with her not-quite-playful smack ... NOT THE EAR, BITCH! Just kidding, she was cool too. There was definitely some weird hyper sexual thing going on with people getting penetrated by a penis cutout, but hey, we don't judge. Matt had a small crush on the girl in the Hello Kitty t-shirt and a Wizard of Oz tattoo, who did not join us on our way to Memphis.

Blueberry Hill


I'm gonna let these pictures speak for themselves for the most part ... Food Good, Beer Good, Fries Awesome, Cook is Chill, Guy Gets Pie In the Face on his last day of work, I suck at darts, Other guy has way too much time on his hands and is wasting toothpicks.

Pin-Up Bowl, Part 1


Derek, Matt and I found an honest to goodness liquor serving, smoking-indoors bowling alley that's open 'till 3AM. So we did what anyone would. We bowled.

I suck at bowling. After getting my ass handed to me in England a month or so ago, it was time to get schooled by Matt and Derek, who dueled over first and second while I tried to keep my balls out of the gutter.

St Louis Religious Bookends


Religion isn't high on our list of things to check out on the road trip, but when I looked at the map of the Delmar Loop area, I couldn't help but notice that it was bookended by two questionable religious institutions. Oh wait, questionable is redundant. We didn't get pictures of the Jehova's Witness Brainwashing Center place of worship ... but suffice to say we found it noteworthy that the main hipster drag was surrounded by proselytizing weirdness. Oh, and there's a Starbucks.