Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


BBQ 6: Cozy Corner, Memphis

tenneseeMatt HillComment

We had to boogie outta town to get to Nashville, but despite our BBQ overindulgence we stopped at the local-recommended Cozy Corner on the way to the interstate.

It's everyone's favorite!

The sliced pork was already gone, so we opted for baloney (hot-spicy!)

and sliced beef (hot-spicy!) sandwiches.

Great road food, for sure. It was topped off by sweet tea and a slice of pumpkin pie that was to die for.

BBQ 4: Willy Ray's in Beaumont, TX


You know, for a barbecue tour, we're not actually eating that much barbecue ... today is day 5 and we've only had 4 barbecue meals ... partly because I had to have some Cajun and Creole food in NOLA, but also because our colons can only handle so much. Anyway, we stopped at Willy Ray's ... great selection of bbq. Great ribs, good pork sausage and brisket. I'd maybe avoid the venison sausage next time. Sides were a little weaker.

BBQ 2: Jim & Nick's Barbecue

on the roadMatt HillComment

A little time on Yelp yielded this walking-distance meatariffic gem of an establishment.

Um, it's bawls hot here and 9,000% humidity. "Walking distance" is relative and this was the limit, albeit worth it ;)

Popular, $2 domestic beers, $3 Margaritas. Say no more.

Zoo pays homage to the meat prior to digging in. Right after this, he bet me who could eat the most (we both got the same platter).

I winked for the love of barbecued meat.

"Platter" 2010, Giclee Print available for $400

"Sides" 2010, Giclee Print available, $350

I housed him, but he later mentions this whole "pound for pound, I beat you" bullshit line.

"Forlorn Pig" 2010, Giclee Print available on demand for BBQ trade.

BBQ1 - Ralph's Buffet

north carolinaMatt HillComment

Right off of Interstate 95 in North Carolina we found a good place to start our BBQ throwdown - Ralph's Barbecue (Buffet) in Weldon, NC.

Load yourself up, grab some sweet tea and chow down. Best eats were the pulled pork and roasted chicken.

The fried chicken was also good. Zoo says he makes better at home, though. Can't wait to get invited to his place.

Oh, and I wished I could be there at night to see the neon pigs all lit up. Hard shadow looks real good, though.