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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Wichita, KS – Old Town

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If the 70's are new to you, come to Wichita, KS!

We walked the entire Old town before settling on Old Chicago.

This picture of our waitress Aimee does not do justice to the talent of midwestern tanning salons ... pure orange goodness!

Then we headed down to the Pump House.

There was a cover band playing some solid 80's hits ... so I asked the lead singer (Amanda) to do a birthday song for Matt. They called him up and played "Ready For The Party" ...

... which amazingly got 3 girls up for a pretty awesome chair dance ...

... then a fourth girl, Jennifer AKA JC joined the fun ...

Then JC and I got to lick one of the dancer's (Allie's) belly .. yum, Freebird.

We had to blackout Allie's face. Apprarently she's wanted in North Carolina.

Not sure exactly what I'm doing here, but yes, this is a girl for those who are wondering.

Sorry that the first nipples shown on the site are mine, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Blame Matt for hitting the shutter a second too early.

And this is sweeeeeeeet, sweet Natalie, sister to Allie, slightly less wild, slighty more sober, but quite a charmer.