Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Pin-Up Bowl, Part 2


We liked the good folks at Pin-up Bowl so much that we decided to go back after dinner at Blueberry Hill ... I need a cigarette, so I'll keep it quick: the crew was cool, except for the Ginger, who practically laid me out with her not-quite-playful smack ... NOT THE EAR, BITCH! Just kidding, she was cool too. There was definitely some weird hyper sexual thing going on with people getting penetrated by a penis cutout, but hey, we don't judge. Matt had a small crush on the girl in the Hello Kitty t-shirt and a Wizard of Oz tattoo, who did not join us on our way to Memphis.

Pin-Up Bowl, Part 1


Derek, Matt and I found an honest to goodness liquor serving, smoking-indoors bowling alley that's open 'till 3AM. So we did what anyone would. We bowled.

I suck at bowling. After getting my ass handed to me in England a month or so ago, it was time to get schooled by Matt and Derek, who dueled over first and second while I tried to keep my balls out of the gutter.