Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Day Shots: Cheyenne to Denver

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  After having morning coffee and blog time, I made my way over to The Wrangler. I was itchin' for some cowboy boots. Having never owner a pair, or even gonne into a western wear store, I was floored. Lookit all them boots!

More pics and stories after the break: I found just the right pair and a super-friendly Cheyenne-ite (whose sister live 7 miles from me in New York), rang me up and gave me some greta advice on driving to Denver.

See, it's Saturday and by Wyoming standards, there are lots of Saturday road-ragers on the highway, so she gave me a tip. We took a lesser-known highway.

It was like deja-vu. 65 mph, slow down to 50, then to 45, then 35, then a small town less than a mile long with a railroad and grain towers on the left, some seedy bar ond general store on the right, done and repeat.

There was this interesting creature, though. Methinks it's Zoo's id.

Today was a very short drive (by our standards), only 2 1/2 hours. So, we'rte back in Colorado and Denver again. Wow... Now to tear up this town for 2 or so days before flying to our homes. I'm certain we'll make some more indelible marks on this city, and perhaps visit Croc's again...

Night Shots: Cheyenne, Wyoming

from the road, photography, SpamZalot, wyomingMatt HillComment

After Zoo and I had left our mark on the town, I headed out with my tripod and electronic cable release to grab some essence of my own. Sleepy little town with some wonderful vignettes. Here is where we had our steak dinner:

Lots of shots after the break: Here is Shadows - our bar.

Wish I had visited while they were open to get a cowboy hat and boots :(

These people are smart. Love it.

...and funny.

The capitol building is in the distance.

Here is the bar we decided NOT to go to...

Here is our hotel - The Plains

Mosaic in the sidewalk outside


A real player piano...

Many thanks to the folks behind the counter for allowing me to snap some shots.

Cheyenne After Dark

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When we walked out of our hotel tonight, it looked like it was going to be a dead night in Cheyenne.   We were persistent and headed to a bar by the train depot called Shadows, where we met a great, fun group of folks. We knew things were going to be awesome when we ordered 2 beers and 2 anejo tequila shots and the total was 12 dollars.

read more to see the rest of the action...

Shortly after, we met Tyler (in white) and Tesla-man.  I think his name was Mike. Or Mark.   Tyler was totally cool, and within 5 minutes of meeting us felt comfortable enough to break out our first "Harold and Kumar" comment.  Tyler, if you read this, remember to go to the Green Street bar in Salt Lake City.

Spammer is having his ass grabbed in this picture.

And then I tried one of my famous pick-up lines again, this time with the lovely Chutney.  I may have said "I want some chutney on my shish kebab".

I think it speaks to my skill with the ladies that I only got punched once.  Spammer tried this with the following result:

We moved on to another bar at Tyler's invitation, and wouldnt-ya-know, another right hook.

Shortly after, we met Steve Stinger, who we warned to not continue with the crazy hair after the age of 29.

Inside the bar, we met the other brown man in cheyenne: Valentino.  He was pimp.

Then I lost at pool and got angry:

And that was that.