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Guero's in Austin, TX


I've been to Guero's a couple times before ... I'd have to say it's probably some of the best tex-mex I've ever had ... Matt popped his Guero's cherry -- some shots of our food follow.

Have the queso, don't ask questions. Just eat it fast.

Austin's Chupacabra

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We stumbled into the (la?) Chupacabra for some tex mex and man, had a great meal and a great bartender ... fantastic. Matt had the burrito ...

I had the West Texas enchiladas ...

Shared the awesome pulled-pork stuffed jalapeno poppers ...

And this is Michael cheersing with Fernet ... best service we've had on the road trip thus far.

Austin's Jackalope


We spent some time in downtown Austin and returned to the Jackalope Bar three times, partly because everything else downtown is douchy and partly because Kristie Bell ain't shit. Oh, inside jokes, we love 'em.

The brown trash in me cannot help from ordering Buffalo Chicken Tenders anytime they are on the menu.

This waitress was pretty trashy hot, sorta like a not totally fucked up Amy Winehouse ...

Yes, there is a 7 foot Jackalope in the middle of the bar.

This is Kristie Bell, and she really ain't shit.

The band was pretty good, but the harp player was pretty bad. He was also sorta a unfunny douche.

Road Trip Worthy: Guero's Taco Bar, Austin, Tx

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Am I just taco crazy? Maybe. But next time you're in Austin with a hangover, proceed directly to this joint. It can get a little crazy 'round brunch time, but it's worth the wait. Last time I had the breakfast tacos which just blew me away: you normally have to choose just two ingredients, but spend the extra 3 or so bucks and get them fully loaded: beans, cheese, eggs,taters, spinach, shrooms, tomato, bacon, chorizo AND ham. If that (along with a Bloody Maria or two) doesn't cure your hangover, just shoot yourself.
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