Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

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DAY -1: San Francisco,Dobbs Ferry Destination Unknown: Pre-Roadtrip Musings of Sir Arthur SpamZalot
I Am The Kindling
DAY 0: Arrive in Denver Rain Delay…
Baggage claim
Eat at Croc’s
Denver on a friday night
Beware the dual-headed shower!
Photo Gallery: LODO (Denver)
Day 1: Denver to Omaha It’s a beautiful day in Colorado
I believe …
Day 1: Music
Day 1: Progress
Gods of the Road Trip: Let Omaha Be Kind To Us!
Gods of the Road Trip: Thank You
The coffee sucks
Iowa, I hardly knew ya
Jesus, if you’re out there …
Day 2: Omaha to Rapid City Day 2 Musings: Advertising Across America
Badlands National Park
Maybe We Picked The Wrong Hotel
Nightshots: Rapid City Blues
Omaha to Rapid City in Eight Minutes
Day 2: Progress
The Future Is Here: Killer Robots.
Day 3: Rapid City to Bozeman Custer, SD and Crazy Horse
Newcastle, Wyoming: Fine Dining AND Fashion Forward
An Even Worse Time To Lack a Paddle …
Welcome to Rapid City, SD
Time Lapse on the Road
Nightshots: Big timber, Montana Star Shoot
Day 3: Progress
Rapid City, South Dakota to Big Timber, Montana in Nine Minutes
Day 4: Bozeman to Pocatello Breakfast in Bozeman
Cowboy Jim and the Hungry Wolves
Idaho, or you?
Sorry, Buddha: ‘Our Bad.’
Day 4: Progress
Day 4 Musings: America the Large
Sometimes a road trip is just a road trip …
GPS Logging On The Road
Idaho Steak
Day Shots: Montana, Wyoming and Idaho
What the hell is a “Bikini Bar”?
Boseman, Montana to Pocatella, Idaho
Night Shots: McCammon, ID
Day 5: Pocatello to Elko Day 5: Progress
Day 5 Break: Jarbidge
The Most Amazing Road on Earth
Pocatello, Idaho to Elko, Nevada
Night shots: Elko, Nevada
Day 5: Elko
Elko Nightlife
Day 6: Elko to Salt Lake City Breakfast in Elko
Zoobroker Recommends:
The Force is With Us.
At least it’ll take them longer to aim and fire …
Git yer polygamy on, y’all!
Skinny, but Long
Day 6: Progress
The Desert, the Mountains, Salt and the Road
Elko, Nevada to Salt Lake City, UT
One Night in Salt Lake City
Night Shots: Salt Lake City from a Bird’s Eye View
Day 7: Salt Lake City to Cheyenne Was i dreaming?
The last long haul …
I feel safer already …
Planning for the end…
And now for a word from our sponsor…
Day Shots: Roaming in Wyoming
Day 7: Progress
Salt Lake City, Utah to Cheyenne, Wyoming
You can’t make this up, but you can make it happen.
Virtual Graffiti
Cheyenne After Dark
There’s something in the water …
Night Shots: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Day 8: Cheyenne to Denver Closing the Loop
End of the road?
Day 8: Progress
Day Shots: Cheyenne to Denver
Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado
Day Shots: Pool, Beer and Barmaids
Meals Of Note: Rio Grande
I think the fire’s back …
Exceptional Bar: the Blake Street Vault
Night Shots: Whiskey, Girls, Beer and Girls
Day 9: Denver Appaloosa: Good food, good beer, good music
Night Shots: Downtown Denver
The Word of the Night is …
500 pushups!
Day 10: Denver to Home Day 10: Zoo’s Closing Thoughts, Part 1 (Almost Banal)
Day 10: Spammer’s Closing Thoughts, Part 1
Leaving for home
Thank you, everyone!
Day 11 ...: San Francisco, Dobbs Ferry Zoo’s Closing Thoughts, Part 2
Zoo’s Favorite Moments
Recap: It Hurts! But I Like It!
Spammer’s Closing Thoughts, Part 2 (Metaphysics in ReAction)