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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

new orleans

Evelyn's Place for Lunch

louisianaMatt HillComment

The hot, wet June in New Orleans was getting predictable. We sought a place for lunch close to the hotel with simple food.

I had my first Mufaletta. Holy yum. I am a devotee now.

And Zoo had Red Beans and Rice.

And a few years back New Orleans passed a law stating you can;t smoke in an establishment that sells more food than liquor. Evelyn's Place serves more liquor, so we got to smoke in the same place we ate. Nawlins FTW!

Best hangover cure in New Orleans - Cafe du Monde

louisianaMatt HillComment

After a night of sugar-rich Hurricanes, I highly recommend getting yourself a tall Cafe au Lait and Beignets at Cafe du Monde. Too bad you can't have a cigarette while drinking your coffee anymore... Used to be a morning tradition for me.

And I continue to curse the transition from air conditioning to humidity. It takes my camera one hour to de-fog. But at least it's representative of how I actually saw the world at that point :)

New Orleans - Night 1

bars, girls, on the roadzoobrokerComment

It was a second visit for both of us to Pat O'Briens in New Orleans ...

Humidity fogged Matt's lens ... Voodoo fountain - fire and water.

Pat O'Brien's is famous for its Hurricane ... a fruity concoction of rum, passion fruit, grenadine, lemon and lime ... You'll never catch me outside of NOLA with one of these, but damn, they're good.

We ran into Charity and Drew, and I inadvertently smacked Drew in the head while gesticulating wildly ... oops. Drew was interviewing to teach Social Studies, but lives in Portland. Charity lives in Baton Rouge and came down special to see Drew ... I sensed passion brewing and tried to work the wingman magic ...

What you won't see below is exactly how far Drew got with Charity. You will not of pictures of them making out. You will not see pictures of Charity flashing the bar, and motorboating the shit outta Drew. You will definitely not see a picture of them walking out hand in hand.

Oh, and we got burgers ... Matt's was Peanut Butter and Bacon. Really. Apparently did not suck, cuz it disappeared in about 32 seconds.

Ted the bartender flashing his gang signs ... great guy, great drinks, destroyed us in quarters ... he's a shark.

Above, for our last stop, we ran into Carl at Molly's at the Market .. after 12 shots of rum, 1 shot of jamesons, a shot of tequila and a pimm's cup, it got a little hazy ...

New Orleans - Day 1

louisianaMatt HillComment

Ah, the Big Easy. We arrived to hot and wet, but clear skies.

Had our first meal at the Napoleon House Bar & Cafe, having some delicious, sticky Jambalaya. I was so hungry I forgot to shoot a photo. And I had my first Pimm's Cup - a southern traditional drink for warm weather that includes gin but mysteriously tastes nothing of it. Won;t be the last one I have :)

... and then as we exited, it started to rain like no tomorrow.

I give that rain only one thumb up. My underwear was still dry.