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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


What the hell is a "Bikini Bar"?

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We went to Club 91 in Pocatello after dinner, thinking this might be a good place to have my first lap dance in a long time ... Well, this place was a pretty harsh dive, boring to boot.  At least we got these chips as souvenirs.

My advice?  Unless you like your bikini-wearing women looking like they were recently preggers, move on.

Idaho Steak


Okay, we've done Omaha, now it's time for Idaho steak ... we asked around for recommendations, didn't listen to those and went to a divey place called the Green T. Pulling up, we see they have a sense of humour ...

But the steaks? Spammer reports the ribeye was solid, if not up to the standards of Omaha.  I can say that the Prime Rib Au Jus was awesome.  Here's the obligatory pic:

Mmmm ... meat!