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Guero's in Austin, TX


I've been to Guero's a couple times before ... I'd have to say it's probably some of the best tex-mex I've ever had ... Matt popped his Guero's cherry -- some shots of our food follow.

Have the queso, don't ask questions. Just eat it fast.

Appaloosa: Good food, good beer, good music

on the roadMatt HillComment

Tonight, Zoo Broker and I ate at Appaloosa. We heard from a certain source that someone we met 1 1/2 years ago here in Denver was working there... It turns out that yes, this certain someone works here, but worked the lunch shift. Alas... what were we to do but enjoy ourselves anyway? Deets after the break.

First off, some Queso Dip and I had a really spicy and good Chicken Lasagna.

I had my first (and second) pint of White Rascal - a Belgian-style white beer made in Boulder. Damn fine beer.

Next up we had a neighbor that Zoo realllllllllly liked.

Than the Clam Addys took the stage

Do yerself a favor if you're in town and they are playing - go see them. Great singer, harmoica player... Aw, heck they're all fantastic.

Good bar, good times. Thanks, Denver!

Eat at Croc's

from the road, SpamZalotMatt Hill2 Comments

Ah, stories... Almost lost my life because of this bar last time I was in Denver. Good times.

EDIT: After a dinner discussion tonight, Zoo reminded me that my life was in no danger whatsoever that evening. I now concur, and agree I was too drunk to remember clearly. Consider it revisionist history.