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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


RT4.3333333 begins

ohio, on the road, pennsylvaniaMatt HillComment

Hey folks, we're back after a few months of silence -- glad you're still with us. We started a mini road trip today, we're going to call this RT4.333 for the moment ...  we'd planned to go from NYC to Toronto (AKA TorTonto) to Detroit To Glen Arbor, but someone, who shall not be named here, lost his passport, so we made a detour this morning and headed towards Pittsburgh.

Turns, out there's a little town called Bellefonte on the way to Pittsburgh if you take Route 80.  Bellefonte may or may not be where a certain roadtripper's girlfriend hails from.  First stop: the American Legion .. this fella's got a big gun.   I'm sure veterans in this town wouldn't appreciate my fondling, but hey, whatever.


We may or may not have stopped at a certain Bald Eagle High School.


We may or may not have filled a certain superintendent's truck's door handles with Beef Jerky.

Anyway, we've just arrived in Cleveland and are cleaning up.  It's happy hour ... so later!