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Night Shots: Salt Lake City 2012

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After Zoo and I drank appropriate amounts of bourbon, I headed out solo to get some long exposures. I made HDRs, stacks and just plain long exposures. Mixed bag of tricks - errr... techniques. Not bad for a few hours' work, I think. And getting star trails within city limits is near-unheard of! Proud.

The last long haul ...

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Today we're cruising 439 miles from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne, NV.  It's our last big drive ... passing through the Rockies again. When I get to this point in a road trip, with the end in sight, I start having thoughts of quitting my job, getting the Airstream and exploring our great, yet slightly fucked up, continent.  Or maybe some other continent.

Well, enjoy this blurry, tiny picture of us checking out an insanely sexy Mormon checking out [of the hotel]:  We like girls who wear vests.

One Night in Salt Lake City

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You might have some preconceptions about SLC.  No booze, Mormon sensibilities, etc.  We can say definitively that this is not your dad's Salt Lake. Beer is good.   We've had a lot of beer this trip, some excellent, so our standards are a little high right now.

We went to Squatter's Brewpub first, and although some of the beers were pretty average, none were offensive, and two, the Porter and Stout, were excellent. chocolate-ty, barley-laden, thick as mensies.

More beers and hot chicks after the break!

I woke up this morning and said, "I think it's time for the brown lightning." I wasn't talking about the t-shirt.

More beer, less sobriety.

We met Mike and his girlfriend, who may or may not be his baby's mama.  He has a 5 year-old who plays soccer.  He recommended that we move on to a bar called Green Street if we expected to have our own 5 year old soccer players.

Our first attempt at making soccer babies went poorly.  Note to self: Never, ever, get a tattoo in SLC.

Malcolm is from Togo.  That may be the only place that you have an excuse to come to Salt Lake City from.  He was not a Mormon to the best of our knowledge.

Pool skill gets chicks.  This is a fact.  You hit the white ball, right?

Not long after starting to play pool, we were joined by Jacqueline and Mandy.  Jacqueline had sexy stripper legs, which you may or may not be able to see here.  She was my teammate and distracted Spammer enough so we could win.  Apparently, women think winning is sexy.

Mandy didn't really look like a monkey, I'm just not a very good photographer, and she was sad to lose so badly.  Spammer's face seem's sad, but I think that's a pool cue in his pocket!

After wearing out our welcome with the pool girls, we looked for greener pastures.  That led us to Jamie and her friend whose name we forgot.  We'll call her "Rack".

She seemed more excited to be out of focus in this picture ... not suprisingly.

That was enough fun for one night ... we have a long day ahead of us ... this nice taxi driver from Iraq took us home.  He was divorced from a "Mexican woman" and called himself a "player".  Sure.

Time for bed, enjoy the shots!

The Desert, the Mountains, Salt and the Road

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Zoo found another winner today. After discovering we had 35 miles of construction between us and Salt Lake City, he chose a road north that connected with the arm of the salt flats we wanted to hit. Below are images from just before we left paved road, to an unmapped (by Google) dirt road, Nevada to Utah to Nevada to Utah and then back onto the highway again and into the city limits of Salt Lake City.

Another fine find, Zoo. Excellent roads. Tons of photos after the break:

Zoo almost stepped on a Horny Toad! (LOL..)

And he scampered away...

In Utah, beliefs can make mountains float like clouds...


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I'm sure there are two destinations within a few hundred miles that are more different than Elko, Nevada and Salt Lake City, but I'm hard pressed to think of another so polarized pair.

Elko: Whores, 24-hour access to alcohol and gambling, all-you-can-eat steakhouses.
SLC: Mormans, 24-hour access to group prayer, and all-you-can-marry churches.

We'll give you some more details on Salt Lake City after we hang out a little tonight ...