Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Black and white photos from RT3

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I just realized that I never posted the black and white panos from RT3! So, for your viewing enjoyment... High Desert, eastern NV

Canyon, southern Idaho

Salt Lake City, UT

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Idaho Highway

Idaho Railway

Badlands, SD

Badlands, SD

Badlands, SD

Badlands, SD

Great Salt Lake, UT

Great Salt Lake, UT

Great Salt Lake, UT

High Desert, eastern NV

Canyon, southern Idaho

Desert, southern Idaho

Zoo on the Road

Desert road and dappled clouds, southern Idaho

Desert, southern Idaho

Desert, southern Idaho

Desert, southern Idaho

Reservoir, southern Idaho

Continental Divide Rd, WY

Western Wyoming

Western Wyoming

Salt Flats, UT

Badlands, SD

The Corn Palace, South Dakota

Jesus, if you're out there ...

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... you need to fire your marketing team. -- END COMMUNICATION WITH JESUS --

Folks, the last two days, we traveled through parts of the country where signs like “Jesus Died For Your Sins” or “The Wages of Sin Is Death” [sic] are commonplace, and the most subversive grafitti we found was “Jesus Lives”.

After reading both God Is Not Great and, more recently, The God Delusion, it’s tempting to go on a rant -- it would probably follow these lines:   Your lives suck, and instead of doing something about YOURSELF, you pray to God?  At least you don't live in a blue state.

… I’m just too tired to get self-righteous right now.

Note to spammer: Opportunity to help the Church out with Viral Marketing?

Hopefully God Doesn't Mark Off For Grammer

Gods of the Road Trip: Thank You

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Well, Omaha was kind to us... first we blogged (in the space of an hour) ...

And then headed out to the bar after dinner ...

And Zoo and I met Lauren, Amy and Lauren at Billy Frog's ...

... the coolest bar open in Omaha on this Saturday night.


Where minors are not allowed...

A typical response to the Zoo Broker's pickup lines...

Then shots were had..

... and good times followed ...

The big guns were brought out...

And the age was verified...

Things could be worse...

"I swear her ID said 21..."

Gods of the Road Trip: Let Omaha Be Kind To Us!

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Okay, my flight landed without a hitch, Spammer picked me up and we're GONE. Vancouver got killed as the rental car couldn't enter Canadia [sic] and the train schedule would have eaten up 36 hours. Ugh. So Spammer left it to chance and played pin the tail on the map. We headed west.

I've been to Omaha a few times in my life, for work (the Henry Doorly Zoo is a big customer), and I've had some incredible fun here, between seeing Bright Eyes at the Sokol Underground and the seemingly endless stream of Creighton lasses ...

But I'm skipping ahead (you can too and just watch the timelapse below). We headed out of Denver, and Spammer realizes that he hasn't added me as a driver to the rental car. Oops. Next rental location? Lincoln, Nebraska, 500 miles away. Oops. We're not turning back. This is a road trip. There's no crying in road trips. There's just Spammer driving almost 600 miles by his lonesome.

I did try my hand at riding the local fauna but before you know it, we've crossed the border into the plains ...

There's so much more to say, but we're under the gun and there's a bachelorette with my name written all over her.

Things to cover:

Here's the driving vid:

Denver to Omaha in Four Minutes from Sir Arthur SpamZalot on Vimeo.