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RT6: The legend begins...

new jersey, virginiaMatt HillComment

OK, so we start this 17-day journey with high hopes to enjoy the hell out of the South. Just want you to know that outright. For starters, we hit Hoagie Haven in Princeton. Zoo got this monstrosity:

I believe he called it a #16.

I chose a #8,l and they had no idea what Russian Dressing is, so they added oil and vinegar. Close. But check out how damn HUGE these Hoagies are:

And yes, this is a Hoagie. Not a Wedge or Grinder or whatever else you want to call it. THIS IS NJ!!!


Sooooo, we made for Richmond, VA. Made it just after midnight and headed over to Sine Irish Pub. First shots and beers.

Live band, one shot, one beer. Out. See you tomorrow!


new jersey, on the roadzoobrokerComment

Well, after a little drama where my friend's honeymoon in Bora Bora got cancelled due to a strike in Tahiti and I had to reroute their whole trip to Ixtapa, we're headed down south. Check in regularly and hopefully we'll have some gems for you soon...

Geared up!

new jerseyMatt HillComment

  (My iPhone messed up and wouldn't publish this at the airport )

Tenba Shootout Medium Rolling Backpack @ Newark AirportI have 2 hours until the flight leaves, so I thought I'd detail my photo gearbox for y'all.

I dropped it on the scale during check-in and the Tenba Shootout Medium Rolling Backpack is filled to the gills with 40lbs of Phauxto lovin'

Nikon D700 2 spare batteries for Nikon D700 + charger AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5~5.6 lens (S'ok...) Vivitar 85mm f/1.4 Apsherical IF lens (new purchase - thanks for the tip, Louie Lu!) Nikon SB900 Flash Hanson Fong Skin Glow bounce card Nikkor 20mm f/4 MF lens Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 MF lens Lensbaby Composer + lens ki f/Nikon Canon G9 + spare battery Mamiya 7II black body Mamiya 43mm f/4.5 lens Pano kit for Mamiya 7 10 rolls 120 Ilford XP2 15 rolls 35mm 36 exp Ilfod XP2 8GB of CF cards 4GB of SD cards MacBook Pro 17" & power adapter Passport Nikon MC-36 electronic cable release Gepe 16" Pro cable rleease (blue!) 3 - USB to mini USB cables (can never have enough!) 1 - iPod/iPhone cord + wall dadapter 8 AA batteries Flashlight Sekonic L-758DR light meter X-Rite Digital ColorChecker SG iPod 160GB (road tunes!) iPhone 3G 16GB (data center!) Marlboro Mediums, qty. 8

Inside - Tenba Shootout Medium Rolling Backpack