Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

BBQ 2: Jim & Nick's Barbecue

on the roadMatt HillComment

A little time on Yelp yielded this walking-distance meatariffic gem of an establishment.

Um, it's bawls hot here and 9,000% humidity. "Walking distance" is relative and this was the limit, albeit worth it ;)

Popular, $2 domestic beers, $3 Margaritas. Say no more.

Zoo pays homage to the meat prior to digging in. Right after this, he bet me who could eat the most (we both got the same platter).

I winked for the love of barbecued meat.

"Platter" 2010, Giclee Print available for $400

"Sides" 2010, Giclee Print available, $350

I housed him, but he later mentions this whole "pound for pound, I beat you" bullshit line.

"Forlorn Pig" 2010, Giclee Print available on demand for BBQ trade.