Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Day 0 - in and down

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After a long flight from Newark (flawless), I landed, picked up my rental car without speaking to a human (way cool) and drove up into the city, where Zoo was already partying for hours (dick). Alas, the 5 was blocked, so I had to take my first "side road" and ended up driving up the west side through all the docks and industry. I was groggy from a full days' work and flying, but I made it. At least I didn't get pulled over this time... Anyhoo, I met up with Zoo at Juju in Belltown. Thank heavens for the mapping feature on the iPhone.

Here are the photos, photos, photos... And Zoo will provide commentary below.


So we're talking, heads are getting closer, this is after we've already hit the photo booth ...


Heads getting closer, staring awkwardly.  Why the hell not.  I kiss her.  Her: "I have a girlfriend".  I am unflappable.  I start chewing on her neck. Her: "Don't be an asshole."  Me: "Does that mean stop or continue?"  Hijinks ensue.  




Photo booths + alcohol + candlelight = why nobody trusts their partner.





This one's for you D Lam.