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Station Inn - Not on Bluegrass Night

tenneseeMatt HillComment

I have a very fond memory of visiting Nashville about 12 years ago. A friend of mine took me to this trashy area of Nashville to this basement of a place called the Station Inn. i heard heart-wrenchingly-beautiful bluegrass from family bands I had not listened to before, ate simple food and really just plain enjoyed the experience. I'm not dissing the Station Inn, but things have changed a bit.

Tuesday nights now belong to a hilarious country/western comedy group called Doyle and Debbie. We went without checking it out first - our cabbie let us know it was not what we were expecting, but we were in for a treat.

Ummm, and not only was it my first comedy show ever, but we were also the most junior people in the room possibly by 30 years. Nonetheless, it was pretty damn funny and they can sing their hearts out.

Hoping that next time I get to hear more bluegrass :)