Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Flying Saucer


After pool it was time to nosh ... but my intestines couldn't handle any more smoked meat. I'm pretty sure I have colon cancer right now. So ... we went with the healthy option of bratwurst.

We sat next to the nicest inter-island couple ... Aimee from England (Arsenal fan, booooo) and Barry from Ireland (Liverpool fan, yaaaaay!). Super great kids who just got engaged whilst on a road trip of their own all around the states.

After we chowed down dinner, I went for the fake happy birthday for the fourth time, also a success. This time, it was Angela's birthday too (urrr) ...

After we revealed that it wasn't really Matt's birthday to Angela, I wasn't her favorite person in the world, so Barry and I went off to shoot some billiards.

I did okay, but was no match for Barry, who had a sweet short throw.

After I returned to the table, I met Jenzi, Angela's sister, a gorgeous, statuesque and devestatingly charming belle. This is me trying to equal her statue-worthy demeanor.

I just HAD to see how long those legs were, and Jenzi was nice enough to oblige ... boy would I like to climb her tree.

I'm not sure if she realized that by throwing her leg up in my arms that she was giving me masturbation material for the month of July.

And now I can officially say I got picked up in a bar by a beautiful woman on the road trip.

I know what it looks like, but I am not feeling Jenzi up. Not even a little bit.

We had a little dance, but, sadly, my people were not made for salsa, despite what Jules might say. Thanks to Mara and Kevin for inspiring the spin into sitting on my knee move.

All in all a pretty great night. Sorry for games, Angela ... we've got waaaaay more pictures if you want us to send some.