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Get Your Kicks, at the Roadkill Cafe!

arizonaMatt HillComment

Apparently, Seligman is the birthplace of Route 66, and the Roadkill Cafe is where you can bring your very own roadkill to be cooked up as a meal. Delicious! Roadkill Cafe

We awoke late this day... it was a long night in Vegas. We drove over the Hoover Dam and to Route 40. Lunchtime found us in Seligman, AZ where we stopped at the Roadkill Cafe on good old Route 66. In fact, this was my first time touching Route 66! Moment of truth...

Seligman, AZ

Inside the bar, we ate chili, added our own dollar bills to the collection and contemplated selling unattended children as salve. Hey - it was a house rule. Chili was decent, beer  was cold and our waitress was a townie from forever.

Roadkill Cafe Bar

Roadkill Cafe ceiling

Seligman remember what it isn't anymore...

Seligman, AZ

And I wonder what the benefits of "direct dial queen beds" would be... I mean, Google doesn't even know, except for some bike riders out there saying that this motel "still has 'em". Someone wanna comment and let us know? Perhaps it;s just a fancy way of saying you can call the rooms direct...

Seligman, AZ