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Lambert's Cafe - Home of the Throwed Rolls

missourizoobrokerComment I gotta say, we've got a nose for the good shit. Only yesterday our noses pointed us to the Sub Shop, and today, we pulled off the highway needing something to nosh on ... and we stumbled into Lambert's Cafe ... home of the "throwed rolls" ... when we walked in we knew we'd found a special place. Even though it's in the middle of nowhere, they were packed ... probably two hundred people, maybe more, were chewing down. Pretty simple southern cooking menu ... but before the meal starts, a kid chucks hot rolls at you from across the room. Then, after your meal comes, a few kids walk around handing out additional sides. This is a place where you want to have a big appetite.

We will warn you, though, there appears to be some serious lack of branches on the family trees of the patrons here. At one point, we were uncomfortable with splitting up lest they kidnapped us and used us for sperm drips to insemenate their womenfolk.

Food was generally okay, the rolls were really good, mac and tomatoes was tasty, the mashed potatoes had the right mix of butter, potatoes and gravy ... Robuchon would be proud.

Lots more pics after the break ...