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Life is a Road Trip is Back

on the roadzoobrokerComment

With a vengeance, we return. Not that anyone pays attention to all this, but seriously, we're back.

We're headed to Denver for a month to make art. The first person to mention that that scenario does not sound much like a road trip will have something valuable of theirs defecated on. Have you not heard of metaphors? I mean, the title of this site is a metaphor. So do the fucking math. Road Trip = metaphor for Life. Art = metaphor for Life. Art = Road Trip. Wha? Fuck you. I'm brown and I do teh maths better than you. You can't possibly be expected to understand.

Do you even know what math is?

Anyway, to keep you updated: Matt is at JFK, waiting to fly to SFO. I am waiting patiently to pick him up. Then I have to tell him that I am crazy for a girl from El Paso, a situation that makes no sense except that it seems to make perfect sense. Then we will drive. That is not a metaphor.

We drive to Reno. Then Salt Lake City, then Denver. Where metaphors will be sown and reaped aplenty.

Also possibly several miles beyond that.