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The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Jesus, if you're out there ...

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... you need to fire your marketing team. -- END COMMUNICATION WITH JESUS --

Folks, the last two days, we traveled through parts of the country where signs like “Jesus Died For Your Sins” or “The Wages of Sin Is Death” [sic] are commonplace, and the most subversive grafitti we found was “Jesus Lives”.

After reading both God Is Not Great and, more recently, The God Delusion, it’s tempting to go on a rant -- it would probably follow these lines:   Your lives suck, and instead of doing something about YOURSELF, you pray to God?  At least you don't live in a blue state.

… I’m just too tired to get self-righteous right now.

Note to spammer: Opportunity to help the Church out with Viral Marketing?

Hopefully God Doesn't Mark Off For Grammer