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Sequim, WA and the ferry back...

washingtonMatt HillComment

On our way out of Portland, I decided that I wanted to check out the rumor that Sequim (pronounced "SQWIM"), WA was one of the most wonderful places on earth to live. It was a helluva long drive to get there but the reports of it being sunny when all else is rainy were.. True. They apparently get less than 15" of rain each year. But it is a strange town. We stopped at the Hi-Way 101 Diner for lunch and I had the Dungeness Crab n' Cheese sandwich. Holy Yum.


Back out and headed for Seattle, we decided to take the Edmonds/Kingston ferry. There was a line, so we got bumped back one. It was pouring rain... Anyhoo, we made it on the 5:50 (quite huge) car ferry and I went upstairs to snappy-snappy.