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The Wedding Is On ...

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Really. We. Are. Here.  Ok, for those who haven't been following the story along the way, here's the deal.  We met Mara a few weeks ago -- on the night of her bachelorette party.  She was winding down the night with her possibly nymphomaniac neighbor, Vicky, by having pizza at Two Boots.  At Midnight.  Sober.  What kind of bachelorette party is that?  Crickette, Phaux and I remedied this by pouring shots of tequila down everyone's throat.  Until 3:30.  At which point the concerned fiancee, Kevin, shows up, as his future bride has been incommunicado for 3 hours.  He could have quite rightly given us the "Who the fuck are you guys?"  but he joined the festivities for a shot, and at some point Mara flippantly invites us to the wedding.  I'm sure she thought we'd never show up -- but she hasn't visited before. So, we're here. Here's the happy couple ...


Tons of pictures after the break

Mara, Mom & Dad _mhp3376.jpg

7 fifths of the wedding party. _mhp3378.jpg

The groomsmen (in sandals) _mhp3383.jpg

The Kiss _mhp3400.jpg

Gorgeous ... _mhp3404.jpg

The Bagpiper _mhp3405.jpg

Dodging Rice _mhp3409.jpg

Off They Go! _mhp3453.jpg