Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Spammer's RT1 wrapup

on the roadMatt HillComment

I was in a state on this trip - very emotionally riled up. I had just "survived" a rough passage in life and this was my reward - not twelve hours after moving someone out of my life on a trial basis, I was on a plane to Los Angeles. It was necessary, relaxing, somewhat hard to settle into with everything I had on my mind, but I did my best to explore all that stuff floating around in my immediate conscious as the miles rolled under our wheels. Zoo was a great tour guide, both spiritually and geographically. I went to Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, all of which I had never visited before. The trip was important to me - as an act of asserting my independence, plus it was the beginning of a long road to discover who I was and what I wanted without the source of the confusion "in the room". 

I've always loved getting lost. Seriously. I always have had the feeling that I can find my way out of anything, no matter how unfamiliar the territory. The road trip was a symbol of this, and an act in addition. My life had become unfamiliar territory and it terrified me. I had to make a decision - was I worth believing in what I wanted? Could I find my way to someplace I liked from this weird surrounding? The end of this journey led back to an empty home and an uncertain future divided by a marital separation. It was on a trial basis in more than one way... and I nearly went berserk getting to that point. But part of my enjoyment of being lost is once again finding my way. It's the reward. I can't say that I found my way on this trip, but it was the beginning of establishing an internal compass that pointed the way to a better place.

Fortunately, Zoo, out of the kindness of his heart, asked if I would be his traveling companion on a road trip and thus RT1 was born. Who knew if there would be another? 

My favorite moments:

The original greatest road on earth, parts I & II 

Vegas - being there for fun instead of business and doing it up right. Intelligent strippers turn me on so much more than bubbleheads.

Santa Fe - will always have a place in my heart.

My first real road trip - I mean how can you beat your first?