Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

RT1, Day 1-2, New Beginnings

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I flew in from the East Coast the previous day to LA to experience something new and happy on the heels of a long, drawn-out confusing unhappy situation. I had made it over the hump and this was my first day to relax, start to feel human again and just plain let off some damn steam. Whether you believe it or not, I deserved it. I look like a deer in the headlights, right?

Deer in the DeadlightsSo we headed out for a bit of LA sunshine. I got a haircut. You know, fresh beginnings and all that crap. Then eventually we made our way over to West Hollywood and eat a fantastic dinner, complete with margaritas delicious-o at Spanish Kitchen on North LaCinenega. Highly recommended if you're going to head over to the super-secret bar after that.



So, we walked uphill to that bar we won't mention because it's so awesome and we don't want to share... but we'll post a photo anyway and if you figure it out, then go enjoy yourself.

That Bar

I was deliberately ready to get trashed. I admit it. I needed to forget a whole bunch of things and I did get trashed... But while running headlong down this path, we met some so-LA people. I was tossing back Hoegaardens and Zoo was drinking his Tequila Gimlets. I think we was keeping 2 for 1 in front me, swell gut that he is :)

We sat at  long table. I slapped down my audio recorder and camera. I turned on the recorder and after a few minutes of chatting with our neighbors, this fella who had no neck fornwed and asked if I was recording the conversation. I relied, "yes."

"Why are you recording it? Are you a reporter?"

"Yes, of a sort," I replied. "I am reporting on my life."

He grabs the recorder, starts rattling off his name, his agent's name and the fact that this was an unauthorized recording. No joke - it's LA. Passes it down the table and three or four more people do the same. He hands it back to me and says, "let's party, man." And we did. Turns out he and his gal were from the same area of NJ I was living in at the time.

Those Jersey folks

So our table was decorated well...


And our neighbors were a hoot. LA hoot, that is..




Zoo made some friends (I was so gone at this point, I am surprised I could aim a camera...)


(thinks that guy... Yes!!!! It didn't!)


I love you, too, LA.


Seems like everyone was looking for a salt lick that night.