Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Day 10: Zoo's Closing Thoughts, Part 1 (Almost Banal)

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We're only a few hours from boarding planes back to our respective homes, and I am wiped out-- physically, that is. Mentally, I'm energized. This was the trip that I needed, -- I probably needed it months ago -- to help me refocus on the things that are important. When I wrote this 10 days ago, I felt lethargic and almost worthless. This was not a road trip of great epiphanies, or moments of clarity -- just a persistent deluge of stimuli that reinforced what I knew – but had willfully ignored.

Spammer calls me an “instigator” -- that I like to “remind people that they are alive”. Well, these past 10 days have reminded me that I was still alive, that there are things to do -- maybe not things of great import – but at least to find some excuse or basic justification for my continued existence. It’s reminded me that the value of comfort -- the easy life – it pales in comparison to the value of adventure and challenge.

I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running when I get back to San Francisco – whether it’s to get started on my projects, breaking out the new drums and finishing our Road Trip song, or just causing general havoc.

Part 2 (Almost Ranting) to come tomorrow …