Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Zoo Broker's RT1 Memories ...


God, that was a good time, that's what got us started on this crazy passion. I don't have a ton of pictures from the trip, I will have to rely on Spammer to put some up. Some of the fragments that I remember right now ...

... Spammer standing outside Barney's Beanery (after rocking the house, karaoke style, of course), hammered, telling me that he might urinate himself. Fat girl groping me. Taping conversation with the agent of an actor (who shall remain unnamed) ranting about said actor.

... strippers who had book recommendations.

... the ceiling of dollar bills in Seligman, THE road.

... Spammer getting deathly ill in Santa Fe, getting groped by cougars, chili.

... Breckenridge, Crocs, Spammer watching Christy kissing me like a rabbit, "poor baby", her friend almost killing himself running a red light.