Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

Day 6: The Grizzly House ... Nearly More Tears

canada, food, good eatsMatt HillComment

I know we're not supposed to get sappy on a road trip, but Banff just brings out the girl in me.  Ten years ago, when I left Banff (and the girl), my housemates took me out on my last night for fondue at the Grizzly House.  It's a Banff institution, once it was a rocky mountain themed disco.  Anyway, coming back here (I avoided it on all my previous returns to Banff with various girls) got me a little misty eyed. Eh. Anyway, this is one of those Banff "must-do's".  The food is just good, not great, but you can't beat the atmostphere.  And table-to-table calling.

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The cheese fondue ... [singlepic id=28 w=500 h=332 float=]

The sauces and the meats ... [singlepic id=29 w=500 h=332 float=]

The bison head, available for purchase for $4000. Really. [singlepic id=30 w=500 h=332 float=]