Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer


Burning Brown Man #2

art, texaszoobrokerComment

We're simple guys ... we've got simple needs. BBQ, beer, girls, and ... burning shit on camera. We spent a day up at Buchanan Lake near Tow, TX, trying to get one shot ... first there's a vid of the early part of our setup:

This is a test shot of the scale-model skeleton ...

This is the first burn test ...

This is me attaching the fuse to the skeleton ...

This is the first long exposure test with the front lighting...

Sometime around now, matt's box flash took a spill in the drink (a pretty scummy pond), followed by his Nikon D700 taking a nasty fall in the mud.

This was the unintended result, a bit overexposed, eh? Well, we were outta time, outta patience and just a li'l bit frustrated. Oh well.

Now in Beta: Life 3.0

art, i wonder, new yorkMatt HillComment

Just got off the phone with Zoo and the recounting of his latest galavants, my own struggles to keep the work gears meshing with my artistic pursuits and constant practice of living that happy life made me consider writing this whole thing as the exciting beginning of a movie script. It sure sounds fucking fun. (grin) Well, it is. How many times have you re-evaluated, improved and upgraded your life? Seriously. I think I'm in a damn rut again and it's my own fault. Good thing is that I'm on it and the next road trip is only days away.... droooool. Gimme a break, gimme a break make me take some time off off to live real good!


(above: punkout wussyface)

But then again, there is always moments like this:

Now that's what I call the pursuit of happiness. And this opening is two nights prior to our departure.

So taking a check on past promises to self (from memory) that I would follow my wants I have to put a fat "X" on this one. Check. I have one awesome group of friends, family and supporters, too. Check. Healthy. Check.

So I'm beta-testing Life 3.0 on this RT to see how much further I can this this. Alpha build is done, time for some realtime debugging. Lemme know about your experiences in the comments, if you are so inclined.