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Skill Testing Required for Canadian Residents

canadaMatt HillComment

day_04-4 Ummm... You can't avoid the latest Toyota commercials right now. The premise of it is Canadians abroad who visit a Canadian theme park. Canadian hilarity ensues, including Shoot a Puck, Knit a Toque and this promotion with Tim Horton's. Which, by the way, it's the same here in Canada as it is in America:


We also have moose behind the police cars at our chain coffee houses. See him? 

OK, so on the coffee cup, the rules state:


"Skill testing question required for Canadian residents." Ahem, on to the website PDF.

Before being declared a winner, each Canadian selected entrant must first correctly answer, unaided, a time-limited, arithmetical, skill-testing question to be administered by telephone at a mutually convenient time. 

I am confused. You have to answer a math question to qualify? Perhaps Americans should consider this, too. "Hello? Yes - if a train leaving Sacramento at 11:15am approached a train leaving Los Angeles at 1pm..." We just have to be breathing to qualify.