Life Is A Road Trip

The Amazing Adventures of a Zoobroker and a Sentiographer

glen arbor

Introducing the Konings ...


We barely know Mara. We didn't even remember Kevin's name until Mara reminded us via text 24 hours before the event. In any case, what a spectacular couple. I suspect that in another life, Mara would have been a fellow Life-Is-A-Road-Tripper and Kevin would be a regular at Sunday Poker Night. When two strange men crash your wedding at the behest of the bride, a lot of grooms would go into a full blown jealous passive aggressive meltdown. Kevin didn't miss a beat. It probably helps that he's a lot better looking than either of us. And Mara? After that bachelorette party, we tried to suss out if Mara was at all serious. I mean, drunken BS aside, there are a lot of reasons that you don't want two semi-unbalanced road trippers at your wedding. The First Dance _mhp3476.jpg

The Spin Into Kiss _mhp3493.jpg

Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout _mhp3527.jpg

Both times I've met Mara, she's been wearing a sash. Strange.