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Day 5 Break: Jarbidge

nevadazoobroker1 Comment

There are small towns, and then there's Jarbidge, Nevada. There appear to be three ways into town, all on treacherously winding one lane dirt roads. It looks as if there's one open eating establishment -- another appeared closed. The population: 16 (plus or minus).

This is a town that has seen better days, and although there seem to be some spirit left, I wonder how many towns like this will survive into the next century.

We had lunch at the Outdoor Inn, two great burgers and some good company.  We had tried to get gas, only to find that the gas station owner was having lunch.   We got some suggestions from him and a couple other travellers.  That's him below.  Can't you just hear him saying: "Boy, I ain't seen a shirt that tight on a man since them crazy days of disco!"  By the way, the dog was super friendly, just flea-infested.   I mistakenly threw the dog's favorite stick in the brambles.  Oops.

more pics:

the cheeseburger

the patty melt