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Newcastle, Wyoming: Fine Dining AND Fashion Forward

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We stumbled into the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming, hoping it wouldn't match it's Geordie namesake ... thankfully it was just a cute little town with a particularly awesome little diner (you can just make out Donna's in the first picture).

So we were pretty pleased when our redhead (#4) waitress dropped these delicious burgers in front of us.

And apparently the words out:  The folks below came all the way from Isreal to eat at Dotty's!!!  Not really, they're on a long honeymoon roadtrip.  Guys, don't you know you take the road trip BEFORE marriage to make sure you can stand each other? Anyway, that's Asaf and (I'm sorry, I can't remember his wife's name!).  They'll be dropping by San Francisco around Halloween.

But the most memorable thing?  The back of Asaf's shirt:

Sure enough, this is made by two Spanish felons who started printing up t-shirts in Jail.   We think the name was Puta Madre ... but I can't find a canonical source it on the web.  Asaf, help us out with some information!